A Comprehensive Guide for Setting Up Your Business In DWC

February 13, 2020

The DWC are extremely encouraging of new startups and provide facilities and licenses accordingly. Other than that, there are abundant opportunities for global expansion and all in a location near an airport and a seaport. Hence, DWC company formation is a great option for any ambitious business.

DWC Company Formation Dubai


There are vast amounts of creative projects that are spread out in all the aforementioned fields. It attracts many investors. DWC is also a cheap and easy choice for any type of business as the Al Maktoum International Airport is located very close to it. DWC gives its employees and businesses the options of accommodations and also for entertainment. As a direct consequence of the impending World Expo that is scheduled for this year, many investors will invest in DWC boosting the city’s economy.

Types of Licenses

You can obtain various kinds of licenses at DWC. Here’s a brief summary of the same.

Trades License - This helps the businessmen to import, export and distribute different products as well as services to prospective customers. 

Logistics - As the name says, this one helps you out with transportation, distribution, storage, forwarding, and other sector specific tasks. 

Industrial License - It helps companies for manufacturing activities, which includes hand labor and machines. The machinery used shouldn’t produce any other harmful products and materials. Companies should provide survey reports to obtain this license. 

Service License - You will have permission for providing services but this license is only applicable in the free zone. You need another license outside. This license includes counselling, training, etc.

DWC Company Formation UAE

Advantages of Doing Business at the DWC

There is a plethora of advantages of conducting business at the DWC. Here are some of the most important of them.

100% Ownership - The DWC allows you to own your entire company and that too with the best service provided by DWC. 

Tax-Free Business - DWC lets you do your business tax-free; and isn’t that what every business dreams of?

Flexible Lease and Easy Documentation - The commercial lease is very flexible in DWC to encourage new startups. For the same reason, the documentation process is short and uncomplicated. 

Plethora of Facilities - DWC makes a variety of facilities available for which they don’t need proof of your shared capital.  

Setup Costs - In Dubai, you need about 30,500 AED to start a new business. 

Location Advantage - The DWC is close to both the international airport as mentioned before and also to the Jebel Ali seaport. 

These were the basic facts and advantages of setting up a business at the DWC. Get in touch with PRO Business Setup to get your business registered in this area.