Five Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Signage Company

December 13, 2019

Signage plays an important role in the marketing strategy of any business. Without marketing, consumers will not be aware of your product. However, if the marketing plan is poor then it will not advertise your product or service effectively and will result in poor sales. Choosing a signage company that suits your needs can be a difficult task, especially since there are so many different companies to choose from. This is why it is important to conduct proper research before choosing a signage company for your business and also ensuring that you fully understand the needs of your business. PRINT understands how important marketing which is is why we have come up with five factors to consider before you choose a signage company.

Signage Plays an Important Role

Determine What Your Needs Are

Before you even start a Google search for a signage company it is important to determine what your marketing needs are. Once you have decided what types of marketing strategies you wish to make use of you need to find a signage company that offers all of these features. It is best to choose a single company that offers all the marketing features you wish to make use of; this way they will understand the exact brand identity you want to create across all marketing mediums.

Are They Specialized?

If you are looking for a company to create a specific type of sign, it is always better to find a signage company that specializes in that particular medium. A specialist company will be able to deliver a product or better quality and speed because they know exactly how to go about performing their service. Whereas a company that offers a variety of products may not be as specialized in each area.

Check the Materials Used

Signs are all made out of different materials including plastic, carbon fiber and even steel. The material will influence where you are able to place the sign as well as the total cost of the sign. You do not want your sign to fade due to sun and water damage so make sure to choose the right material for your sign to ensure maximum durability.

Check the Materials Used

Is Installation Part of The Deal

While some signage companies do offer installation as part of the package while others do not. So, make sure to query as to whether the installation is included and, if not, how much it will cost in addition to the base costs. Sometimes it might be better to find a company that offers installation as part of the deal but this is where research will have to come into play.

Previous Works

A great way to get a feel for a signage company’s capabilities is by reviewing their portfolio of work. While you might be happy with what you see in the photographs it might be worth your time to take a drive-by a business that made use of their services and check how the sign has held out against the weather.