Why Are Car Rentals So Popular in Dubai?

November 21, 2019

Compared to public transport or taxis, people in Dubai are inclined towards renting a car of their choice to commute in the most economical way. When speaking of advantages of renting a car over taxis or public transport, it is important to highlight the fact Dubai is a city full of life and attractions which make traffic congestions inevitable. Sharing your ride with others (like in a bus route) is fairly hectic when you have to align your routine with their operational hours. A car at your disposal means increased mobility with convenience; thus, most people prefer renting a car than buying a new one or using public transport.

Staying Connected to Central Road of Dubai

Sheikh Zayed Road, the vivid central road of Dubai, is the home to most of the renowned skyscrapers like the Emirates tower and many more. This highway connects all the Emirates with each other; thus, people look for easy ways to commute to this particular road. If you’re looking to rent a car in dubai, it is recommended to go with a reliable agency that will quote you an affordable price.

Rent a Car in Dubai

Limited Access to Remote Locations

We all have heard about the innovative Dubai Metro System; the project has been a success when it comes to transportation within Dubai city, but it still doesn’t cover most of the remote areas in Dubai. For this reason, people prefer renting a car for easy travelling.

GCC License & Passport Holder Advantage

If you’re a passport or driving license holder from any of the GCC countries (Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait or Saudi Arabia) the UAE regulations allow you to rent a car easily in Dubai. You may also use the same car to travel and visit all other 6 emirates without any formalities.

Rent a Car in UAE

Insurance Coverage Available

Most of the cars on rent are insured by the agency and you need not worry about purchasing a new one. This means limited liability on the cost, but you still get to enjoy the benefits of having your own car.

No Maintenance

As a customer, you are not liable to bear any maintenance cost of the car unless a scratch or damage has incurred due to your negligence or mishandling. Apart from the fueling cost and SALIK (toll charges), you need not worry about any undue charges that may hit you at the time of returning the car. and Book now with terms that best suit your needs.