How Fuel-Efficient Tires Could Boost Your Car Mileage?

January 21, 2020

Better tires guarantee better mileage. The best tires in UAE offer higher efficiency, better grip and more safety. When buying tires, we recommend you buy tubeless ones because they are long lasting. Additionally, know what kind of weather you want your tires to handle and purchase tires accordingly. To purchase tires, visit and choose yours from a wide variety.

Fuel efficient tires improve car mileage. Here's how:


We recommend you choose your tire pattern according to the weather conditions you may face. Along with that, tire patterns also contribute to better mileage. Tires that have symmetrical patterns on their contact surface have lower rolling resistance. Tires with low rolling resistance increase fuel efficiency. Choose a symmetrical pattern to make the most of your mileage. To add to that, they can be fitted without worrying about the direction of movement.

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Narrow Tires

Wide tires cause more friction because of more surface area. This leads to less fuel efficiency. They are also less aerodynamic. Moreover, a wide tire is heavy and more expensive. A tire with a narrower width guarantees a smooth drive around the city. Narrow tires offer less frontal area and reduce friction because of its less surface area. This lessens the steering effort.

Low Rolling Resistance Tires

More and more people are starting to opt for low rolling resistance tires. Low rolling resistance tires are specially designed to combat increasing rolling effort. Less rolling effort will not only offer you a smooth drive but also increase fuel efficiency by a significant amount. These tires are extremely eco - friendly as they help emit less CO2 in the atmosphere and they go easy on your wallet.

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Energy Saving Tires

Energy saving tires offer great mileage. They use less energy, that is, less fuel to begin with. They are made to use only a small amount of energy, so the engine doesn’t exert too much energy. It may not give you the same performance as the other tires, but it definitely reduces fuel consumption while offering efficiency.

Inflated Tires

It is observed that properly inflated tires use about 3 % less fuel than usual. Hence, it is necessary to check the tire pressure at least bimonthly.

Apart from tires, to maintain a satisfactory mileage, use the air conditioning sparingly and avoid extreme acceleration and brakes. These waste a lot of fuel. Drive sensibly to save a significant amount of fuel. Maintain your car and give it required care to maintain an efficient mileage.

These were the reasons why choosing the right tire and maintaining it will give you a good mileage. Visit now to know more.