How to Choose an Acrylic Display Stand?

January 31, 2020

The Acrylic display stand is one of the best choices for most retailers because it is easier to move around than any other kind of stand most especially when displaying your goods at a temporary location (exhibitions and trade fares).

These stands are cheaper and more durable than their contemporaries. It showcases your goods as luxurious and of high quality. One of the most significant features of an acrylic stand is its ability to attract customers to whatever is being displayed. There is a wide range of these stand in the market some are prone to break easily. Here ‘s how you can choose a good one.

Acrylic Stand Dubai

Check the Thickness of The Material

Another way to ensure you buy a good acrylic stand is by the level of thickness of the material. Acrylic display materials are usually of high quality and come in a uniform color. If you are not sure about the material texture to reach out to experts to make some suggestions for you.

Observe Its Surface

Before you purchase an acrylic display, stand check it’s surface area. A good stand should have a smooth surface and should not leave any mark or fingerprints when touched. It is also bright and clear and ensures whatever items are placed within appear inviting.

Check the Finish

Despite the fact that the point of connection of the stand is usually joined with a glue, it will be difficult to notice this in a good acrylic display. Experienced manufacturers ensure there is no trace of bubbles when gluing each part together. When the glue is easily noticed it distorts the beauty of the display stand.

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Observe the Light Transmission

The best acrylic stands are made to have very good light transmission. Therefore, before you buy one take out time to observe its transparency level. If it isn’t translucent then you can be sure it isn’t a good one.

Observe Its Capacity and Stability

Before you buy an acrylic display, stand consider its capacity and the capacity of items you wish to display on it. Usually, a good stand has a standard load range it should accept. It should stand firm and not lose momentum when goods are placed on it.

We hope this guide helps you source a good acrylic display stand.