Things to Consider While Buying A Secondhand Crane

January 9, 2020

Buying used cranes is sometimes a better option than buying new ones. While buying used cranes, you should know about the history of the crane and if possible, take a look at the paperwork attached to it. Here are some tips to consider when you are looking to buy a used crane.


Check how old the crane is. After a period of time, old models of cranes are hard and inconvenient to use. You don’t find their spare parts and there occur many technical difficulties in the way. Used cranes should normally be only five to ten years old. Cranes older than that will cause more problems than solve. Used cranes for sale in Dubai are mainly used because they are easy to operate but opting for a very old crane isn’t advisable.

Used Cranes for Sale in Dubai


Before you go searching for secondhand cranes, decide on a rough figure. Do a little research to know the general price range of used cranes and determine what you would be ready to spend for a used crane. Starting by determining a rough number will make the process easier than if you don’t do so.


After deciding on a budget, the first thing you must look at is the history of the crane you’re thinking of buying. Understand what climate conditions it has worked in and for how many years. Ask the firm selling used cranes or the previous owners how frequently the crane has been sent for maintenance and what parts have been replaced in the time it was in use. Check with them if the crane has had any accidents or mishap in the past and what damage was caused by it. These things are important to know because you will then realize what conditions the crane has sustained in the past and how strong it can be for the future.

Used Cranes for Sale in UAE

Inspect the Crane

You can always hire a crane inspector to make sure that the used crane you have your eye on is up to market standards. This independent crane inspector will save a lot of your time. By hiring an inspector, you will be preventing a bad purchase. The crane inspector can further guide you to make the correct decision.

Look for Defects

When you are thinking of buying a used crane, you should ask yourself two questions: Is the used crane worth the price? And how much will the repairs cost? Used cranes, most probably will need additional repairs after the purchase to function as per your needs. A rough estimate of the repairs it has to undergo shouldn’t be too much or there is no point in buying a used crane.

These were some tips to keep in mind when you are in the market for used cranes. Al Faris Group is a great site for you to start searching for used cranes and other used industrial equipment. We hope you will make a wise decision and we’re glad to be of your help.